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Coordinated Projects

LIDHUM (2011-2013)
Literacy Development in the Humanities
ASSIST (2015)
Annotation systems for a corpus of academic theses

ROGER (2017-2022)
Academic genres at the crossroads of tradition and internationalization
DACRE (2021-2022)
Discipline-specific expert academic writing in Romanian and English

Project participation & collaboration

Thesis Writer (2013-2014)
A Web-based Learning Environment to Support Dissertation Projects
Energiediskurs messen (2015-2017)

ENL (2014-2018)
European Literacy Network

LIfEr (2016-2018)
Literacy for entrepreneurship

LITHME (2021-2024)
Language in the Human Machine Era

LiRo Benchmark (2020-ongoing)

Institutional coordination

RESUPH (2018-ongoing)
Research Support Platform for Humanities

CODHUS (2019-ongoing)
Centre for Corpus Related Digital Humanities
REPCO (2020-ongoing)
Repository of Corpora


ROGER platform (2021)
ROGER corpus query platform

ComparaQ (2022)
A corpus management tool for all

EXPRES platform
(under construction)
EXPRES corpus query platform


RoCLE (2006-2009)

Romanian Corpus of Learner English
ROGER (2018-2021)
Corpus of Romanian Academic Genres (novice academic writing)

REPCO (2020-ongoing)

Repository of Corpora
EXPRES (2021-ongoing)
Corpus of Expert Writing in Romanian and English
(expert academic writing)