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Organisation of the SMART DIASPORA Workshop in April 10-13, 2023, Timisoara

I am the co-organiser (together with Traian Rebedea, from the Politehnic University of Bucharest, and Roxana Patras, from Universitatea „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” from Iasi ) and WUT host of one of the SMART DIASPORA Workshops:

Inovare la intersecția dintre Prelucrarea Limbajului Natural și Digital Humanities: aplicabilitate pentru studii de limbă și literatură română

[EN: Innovation at the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Digital Humanities: applicability to Romanian language and literature studies]

The Conference SMART DIASPORA, is organised by UEFISCDI (Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development & Innovation Funding) and the Romanian Academy of Science. In plenary sessions and exploratory workshops, participants will have the opportunity to debate topics of interest covering science at the knowledge frontier; the digital challenge; sustainability, security and resilience for citizens and communities; science with all and for all in society and for society; entrepreneurship (social, technological, cultural); non-governmental sector – research challenges.


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